Certificate & Degree Programs — Forms, Academic Calendar, Policies & Handbooks

General Policies

Maine Media Workshops + College has adopted a list of General Policies that pertain to all members of the campus community. It is up to all students to review these policies. 

Workshop specific policies and forms can be found here.

The links below contain useful information about the college and its programs.

Academic Calendars

Certificate Program Documents

Certificate Student Handbook
PC Program in Visual Storytelling Course Flow Chart
PC Program in Visual Storytelling – What to Bring
Residential Life and Meal Policies
MMC Faculty Handbook

Certificate Program Forms

Medical History Form
Student Immunization Record Form
Vehicle Information Form
Certificate Student Policies & Handbook Receipt

MFA Program Handbooks

MFA Student Handbook
MMC Faculty Handbook
MFA Advisor Handbook

MFA Program Forms & Instructions

MFA Forms Instructions
MFA Paperwork Flow Chart
MFA Planning Worksheet
2019 Workshops for Graduate Credit

MFA Program Registration Forms

Registration for Credit
Mentored Studio Project Proposal
Mentored Academic Project Proposal
Mentor Agreement & Payment Form
Workshop Proposal
Project Add / Drop / Change

MFA Program Evaluation Forms

MFA Retreat Evaluation
MFA Program Evaluation
Mentor Mid-Project Evaluation (Studio & Academic)
Mentor Studio Project Final Evaluation
Mentor Academic Project Final Evaluation
Candidate Mid-Project Evaluation (Studio & Academic)
Candidate Project Final Evaluation (Studio & Academic)
Candidate Evaluation of Advisor
Candidate Evaluation of Project Mentor

Campus Map

Maine Media Campus Map