The purpose of this handbook is to outline and clarify the MFA’s: program of study, procedures & policies and expectations. This handbook will be updated regularly.

Maine Media College Faculty Handbook

150.021–Open Door & Grievance Policy
190.110–MFA: Retreats
200.010–Academic Committees & Governance Procedures
200.020–Faculty Designation
200.030–Faculty Qualifications
200.040–Faculty Appointment, Evaluation & Advancement
200.050–Letter of Appointment
200.060–Faculty Full-time Credit Load
200.070–Faculty Payment
200.080–Faculty & Program Evaluation Procedure
200.090–Faculty Development
200.120–MFA: Evaluation of Student Performance
200.130–Certificate Program: Evaluation of Student Performance
200.140–Credit Requirements
200.160–MFA: Add/Drop/Change
200.170–MFA: Leaves of Absence, Late Registration, Term Without Credit (TWC) & Extensions
200.180–Certificate Program: Tardiness & Absenteeism
200.190–Certificate Program: Incompletes
200.200–Certificate Program: Academic Warning
200.210–Certificate Program: Academic Probation
200.220–Certificate Program: Requirements for Advancement To Final Term
200.230–Certificate Program: End of Term Reviews, Exhibition & Screening
250.010–MFA: Evaluation Rubric
250.020–MFA: Letter to Project Mentors
250.040–Critique Primer
250.040–Sample – MFA: Letter of Appointment
250.060–Sample – MFA: Core Faculty Self-Assessment
250.100–Certificate Program: Evaluation Rubric
250.110–Sample – Certificate Program: Letter of Appointment
250.120–Sample – Certificate Program: Curricular Faculty Self-Assessment
250.130–Sample – Certificate Program: Academic Warning Form

General Policies

Maine Media Workshops + College has adopted a list of General Policies to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all members of the campus community. It is up to all students to review these policies. To view Maine Media’s General Policies please go here.