2018 Annual Appeal


Surprise is a key ingredient to the creative process. Some of the best ideas come to us unexpectedly, as if out of thin air. Within a couple days on campus, one can hear the excitement as students discover new impulses and inspirations to develop their creative voice. What’s more, students come here and often don’t know their lives are about to change. Our dedicated faculty know it, they’ve witnessed the transformative student experience time and time again, but to each individual student, it is new. This is one of the most meaningful surprises to witness: the realization that one’s life journey has just been positively transformed by creativity.

Creativity can’t wait.
Help make it possible with your gift today! 

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Every gift, no matter what size, has a direct impact on students in all of our programs.

Tripod Society: $5,000+ (click here to learn more about our Tripod Society)

Underwriter: $2,500-$4,499

Partner: $1,000-$2,499

Patron: $500-$999

Donor: $100-$499

Friend: < $99