Design a Book: Learn the Art of Bookmaking, Digital Books, and Book Design

Let your hands create the books your heart imagines. Makers welcome.

When you enroll in a Book Arts and Design workshop you will find that a book may take many forms. It is an exhibition. It is a sequencing of time. It is a story. Your story. In these workshops you will explore the interplay between word and image which will encourage you to experiment with writing, photography, book arts and printing.

Traditional Book Arts and New Technologies

Delve into this rich legacy with workshops in letterpress, book structures, digital design, and publishing, covering both traditional craft and new technologies. Explore how ink presses into cotton paper. Understand how a page folds with the grain. See how colors overlap and blend. Let your hands create what your heart imagines.

Explore Book Arts and Design Workshops focused on digital books, book structures, printmaking, and graphic design. You can also learn more about our Book Artist in Residence.

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