Levels: Core – 4 credits (Advanced)

In the culminating semester of the Certificate Program, students will continue to build off of the robust foundational skills gained in the preceding 2 terms. This course will move into a new realm of advanced technical and theoretical concepts involved in the creation of effective multimedia work, digging deeper into what makes storytelling effective, and implementing new tools, equipment, and software involved in the process. We will work within new styles of nonfiction storytelling such as cinematic documentary, exploring the possibilities of pushing traditional genre into new places.

The course will be heavily project-based, and will culminate with the production of your final thesis film, the capstone project for the multimedia portion of the Certificate Program. Early in the semester there will be lecture, film analysis, and short form exercises. For the latter half of the term, students will be able to to utilize the many resources at their disposal, including gear, peer collaboration, and in-depth instructor critique, to develop and create their thesis.

Header Image:  ©Madhura Srinivas (PCVS graduate 2016)