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Each trimester, we reserve a limited number of seats in select courses from our certificate programs or other classes designed specifically for members of our community. These courses meet weekly for a few hours in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and some are a full day long. Community classes are a great opportunity to learn something new, dedicate focused time to your art practice, and tap into a community of artistic peers.  Local residents enjoy a special rate on these classes.

Image Credit:  Christian Randolph, Header Image:  Carolyn Todd

Projects I - 244 - Online

2 Offerings:

Sep 8- Nov 10, 2020
Class meets Tuesday afternoons, 1:30PM – 5:00PM
Instructor: Elizabeth Greenberg

Sep 10- Nov 12, 2020
Class meets Thursday afternoons, 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Instructor: Brenton Hamilton

This course introduces the concepts and methods of developing a series of images that enhance and challenge students’ personal vision and visual vocabulary within the medium. There are weekly slide lectures for the first half of the term to illustrate various genres and movements within photography, including: Light, The Photographer’s Eye, Landscape and Response to Place, Portraits and Self Portraits and Documentary work and the Decisive Moment. Weekly shooting assignments are given with in-depth critiques of the work to follow. The course will help the student develop a familiarity with and appreciation for the major genres within photography as well as an understanding of photographic and camera vision. Each student will work on a small portfolio for the term based on the weekly shooting assignments and personal interests.

Digital Techniques - 240 - Online

Sep 7- Nov 9, 2020
Class meets Monday 10am-5pm
Instructor: Jim Nickelson

This studio course is designed for students concentrating in digital photography and video. Students learn to use their cameras to capture, organize and process monochrome digital images and video. The primary tools used in this course are Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop, and they, along with basic editing software, will be covered. Students explore techniques, materials and processes of digital output to paper and screen. Each student presents a final portfolio or video for evaluation

19th Century History of Photography - 242 - Online

Sep 9-Nov 11, 2020
Class meets Wednesday nights from 6-8PM
Instructor: Brenton Hamilton

This is a lecture course introducing the discovery of photography and influences in visual culture in the 19th century up to approximately 1935. Lectures and discussions along with extensive readings guide the students to understanding the advent of technology and visual images related to photography. Essays and exams are components of this course. As we are inundated with images in the technological era – this course provides perspectives on origins and cultural influences.

Collaborations in Multimedia I - 262 - Online

Sep 10-Nov 12, 2020
Class meets Thursdays from 10AM - 5PM
Instructor: Tom Ryan

Students will gain a solid foundation in the basics of storytelling with video and multimedia. Lectures, demonstrations and assignments will cover key technical concepts of video capture, audio capture, editing, as well as storytelling technique and style. Composition of shot, audio acquisition, editing, story structure, and the interview process will all be covered.