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Class meets Thursdays for 10 Weeks. There will be lectures and demonstrations in the morning (9am-12:30pm), followed by supervised lab and studio time in the afternoon (1:30-5pm).

Students will gain a solid foundation in the basics of storytelling with video and multimedia. Lectures, demonstrations and assignments will cover key technical concepts of video capture, audio capture, editing, as well as storytelling technique and style. Composition of shot, audio acquisition, editing, story structure, and the interview process will all be covered.

The landscape of digital media and the outlets through which we can deliver content and tell stories are increasingly expansive. In this course, students gain the ability to confidently use media capture devices and image making to meet the demands of the 21st century world. This 10-week immersion course will engage students in the many facets and possibilities of visual storytelling with accessible camera systems and tools.

By the end of term students will feel comfortable with video capture, audio capture, editing, and utilizing these skills to create short visual pieces.

The class meets weekly on Thursdays fromt 9am-5pm. Morning lectures are 9am-12:30pm and will be followed by supervised lab and studio time in the afternoon 1:30-5pm.


Past Student Work
, “Yuri Kobayashi”, Created by Jacklyn Grad, 2018

Header Image:  ©Madhura Srinivas, PCVS 2016

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Instructor: Tom Ryan

A New England-based editor and filmmaker, Tom has worked extensively in the worlds of commercial, corporate, and documentary film. He has freelanced in Production for over 9 years and is a co-founder of the Maine-based Production company, Tailwind Media. As an editor, his work in fiction and documentary film has been shown in numerous festivals. In addition to workshops, he currently teaches documentary film in the 30-Week Professional Certificate program at Maine Media College. Affiliated with MMW+C for over 6 years, Tom is passionate about teaching storytelling to students of all career paths and skill levels.