Fall Term
 Sep 3 – Nov 13, 2018
Levels: Core – 4 credits (Beginner, Intermediate)

This is a fall term foundations course for all PC students with concentrations in either video or photography. Philosophically we seek a goal of all of our students to be versatile with media capture devices and image making to meet the demands of the 21st century visual world.

Image Credit: Jim Nickelson

This 10-week immersion course will engage students in many facets and possibilities of image capture. The DSLR, Gopro camera, and cell phone camera are all transforming where images derive. Students will use all of these devices in image gathering circumstances. This course gives equal emphasis on still image and moving image capture. Students will learn basic technology associated with each device. Image dynamics, single take short stories, cinema verite approaches, light, and story. Technical control and using the devices on the ground for fieldwork are emphasized.