MFA Program 

(Projected costs and subject to annual review)

Revised: January 2023

Application fee $75.00
Enrollment deposit (Due upon acceptance to program. Applied to final billing) $600.00
PROGRAM COSTS  (3 years)  
Tuition – 57 credits*  $42,750.00
Retreat fees (7 required)  $7,665.00
MFA Intensive fees (3 required) – 3 credits                          –  $2,250.00
Retreat lodging & meals**  $5,495.00
MFA Intensive lodging & meals**  $1,620.00
Program costs*  $59,780.00

* Candidates may elect to attend up to 9 workshops for credit, resulting in higher tuition costs

** Subject to availability

Costs are billed at the time of registration.

MFA Retreat Audit

At times prospective applicants may wish to attend a Retreat to “get a feel” for the experience and ask questions face-to-face with faculty and current candidates prior to making formal application.  The costs incurred for that are:

Retreat Fee $425.00
Lodging** $390.00
Meal Plan $395.00
Total Cost $1,210.00

** Subject to availability

Financial Aid – Title IV, Scholarships & Other

Equipment Security Deposit

A credit card or check security deposit of $1,000 is required from all students to cover the use of school equipment from the Technical Department, Digital Service Bureau and Studio. A Student must leave a check or have a credit on file in the business office in order to work with the school’s equipment in production classes. Credit cards are not charged at this time, but are authorized for $1000.  There must be $1000 available at this time.  Debit cards are not accepted.   Students receive a receipt to bring to the Technical Department or Digital Service Bureau in order to check out equipment.  Students are not able to participate in production classes until these requirements are met.  A great deal of trust is placed upon Maine Media College students to use equipment safely and to treat the equipment with great care and never leave it unsupervised.  Students are only charged if equipment under their supervision is lost or damaged.  All film students must go through the “proper equipment care and etiquette” tutorial with the Technical Department before equipment can be checked out.

In the case of loss or extensive damage to equipment, students may be responsible for actual repair or replacement costs in excess of the deposit.

Payment Due

All fees are to be paid in US. funds.

Payment must be received, or suitable arrangements made, 4 weeks prior to the start of each term. Financial Aid, including work study assignments, must also be approved at least 4 weeks before the start of any term.

We will accept personal and company checks, provided final payment reaches us at least 4 weeks prior to the start of each term. We prefer not to use credit cards for final payment, however if a balance is paid by credit card, a surcharge may be added.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Gainful Employment Disclosure