Announcement from the President

It’s with great anticipation that I share this good news: In-person classes will begin July 19th, and this summer’s line-up is full of promise! 

Staff are actively organizing summer programs and preparing the campus. There are many details to be addressed, and quite a few unanswered questions remain. Our management team is carefully monitoring the status of the pandemic here in Maine and beyond, and working to implement a safety regiment for in-person activities. While we must remain vigilant, there is reason to be optimistic. I’m confident that we can safely and responsibly open our Rockport campus for programs and public events by mid-summer.  

We will begin to release the schedule of courses and workshops on April 15th. And, we will continue to refine our planning, health and safety protocols in accordance with recommendations from the CDC and state health officials.

The on-campus experience will, no doubt, be different than in years past. The health of our community is a primary concern. We will have smaller cohorts of students each week.  Campus services will be revised, and there will be added consideration for personal space and safety throughout the structure of our programs and the campus itself. But with attention to these details and consideration of one another, the summer ahead offers outstanding opportunity.

And more good news: Maine Media’s innovative online and remote programs will continue.  The success and excitement of our virtual programs are raising the bar for learning opportunities online, through out all of our programs in media art and storytelling. Courses are added on a rolling basis, so check in regularly for new offerings.

And stay tuned on April 15th. I’m thrilled to open more opportunities for us to work together, to make images, to tell stories, to share meals, and to raise a glass – both virtually and in person – and all at once!


Michael Mansfield, President