This spring MMW+C has begun a series of online lectures, covering a wide array of subjects, often with a focus on creating and thinking about art during challenges and isolation. Hear from Filmmakers, Poets, Photographers and more!

All Alumni as well as past and current staff (Year-round + Summer) may retrieve their password to view this content by emailing [email protected].

Sal Taylor Kydd discusses her latest book Landfall that takes us on a journey through the islands of the Penobscot Bay in Maine. Sal will be sharing her process and journey with writer and photographer Kat Kiernan. 
Frank Ockenfels hosts a conversation about light: Seeing, creating, and manipulating one of the fundamentals of photography. He’ll discuss his trademark approach to adapting unusual, ten minute situations into beautiful photographs. Hear how he makes light collaborate with the subject to create the moment, and what tools you can use to do the same thing.
Join Maine Media and David James for the story of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens read through photo, and how he and director JJ Abrams turned the first cast read through into a viral moment. James will discuss what goes into taking still photographs for some of Hollywood’s most exciting productions.
Greg Miller discusses his evolution as a photographer around the theme of unrequited love and adopting photography as a conduit to his past. Using an 8×10 large format camera, Miller uses the serendipity of chance meetings with strangers and street photography to build insightful, narrative photographs.
A wide ranging discussion of the creative process with poet and teacher Kevin Pilkington. He will read a selection of his past poems, as well as those from his forthcoming collection and favorite poems by fellow poets.
Aline Smithson shares a myriad of approaches and concepts that a photographer can use to create work while staying put.
A short video from Anneli Skaar, who recently gave a lecture discussing her book “Nansen’s Pastport”
Ellen Bass explores the role of the poet to transmute suffering into beauty, to find the exquisite tenderness in pain, to make meaning in the face of our fragility. She will read her own poems and those of others.
Screenwriter and MMW Film Program Chair, Wayne Beach speaks about the robust opportunities for creativity in filmmaking when facing isolation.
Richard Blanco – Poetic Relief: Solidarity in Solitude