Levels: Core – 4 Credits (Beginner, Intermediate)

This course introduces the concepts and methods of developing a series of images that enhance and challenge students’ personal vision and visual vocabulary within the medium.  There are weekly slide lectures for the first half of the term to illustrate various genres and movements within photography, including Light, The Photographer’s Eye, Landscape and Response to Place, Portraits and Self Portraits and Documentary work, and the Decisive Moment.  Weekly shooting assignments are given with in-depth critiques of the work to follow. The course will help the student develop a familiarity with and appreciation for the major genres within photography as well as an understanding of photographic and camera vision. Each student will work on a small portfolio for the term based on the weekly shooting assignments and personal interests.

This a 10-week course, meets weekly on Monday afternoons from 1:30 – 5:00.

©Madhura Srinivas (PCVS graduate 2016)

Instructor: Elizabeth Greenberg


Elizabeth Greenberg is an artist and educator living on the coast of Maine. She is an explorer of places and memories of that which has never been seen. Elizabeth’s passion for photography is her guide for living a life and career immersed in a daily conversation about looking at and making pictures. She is Provost at MMW + C and teaches in all programs at Maine Media. With her camera, Elizabeth explores as an archeologist of memories and myths.  She looks for evidence of secrets, to tell stories of magic, mystery, love, loss, and memories of things never seen. Elizabeth’s photographs suggest fictitious memories of moments and places as imagined, as if she is the first to discover them.


Past Student Work:

Past student work:  © Nils Tcheyen, “Transitions.” PCVS student 2016-2017. imagesbynils.com