Are you an aspiring creative professional in the fields of photo, video + media arts?

Students aspiring to careers as artists and working professionals in the world of media arts become fluent in multiple forms of visual media in order to effectively tell a story – whether it is one of personal expression, documentary journalism, social advocacy, or fictional narrative. The Maine Media Workshops + College Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling is a 30 Week program designed to graduate visual storytellers with the skills, vision, experience, and knowledge needed to build a career in the evolving field of media arts.


What Our Students Say

Dave Backlin, PCVS graduate 2021

“The Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program with Maine Media was transformational. Before entering the program, I had a basic sense of how to use the camera, but was unconfident on how to improve my skills and what direction I wanted to go. Maine Media creates a very collaborative, and community-based space that allows people to put their guard down, and really explore their creative potential. The instructors are working professionals in their respective fields, and you are getting direct guidance from their years of experience being creators. The program is work, and will push you, but I am grateful it did because I feel much more confident as a photographer and filmmaker. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to fast track their visual storytelling skills.”

Dave Backlin, PCVS graduate 2021

Rob Schulz, PCVS Graduate 2020 (On being a student during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

“The solid foundation I needed in my work was [enhanced] with the broad support and the professional and personal dedication of Tom Ryan, Elizabeth Greenberg and Brenton Hamilton. This team, along with students I worked with from the MFA program and community workshop participants, provided me with a network of support during a time where networking seemed an impossible hope.”

Rob Schulz, PCVS Graduate 2020 (On being a student during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Jacklyn Grad, PCVS Graduate 2019

“PCVS provided an environment for me to express a creative side I had never explored, and mentorship that I would not have received at a traditional four-year college. I started the program thinking I might learn to be a better photographer, and walked away with a passion for storytelling in multiple mediums, and skills that allowed me to walk directly into the workforce.”

Jacklyn Grad, PCVS Graduate 2019

Nikolas Hample, PCVS graduate 2017

“As my year out of the program has progressed, the perceived value has blossomed. I’m seeing how instrumental a lot of the practices were and how that helped to develop our skills. I’m capable of working in processes and creating products that people who have been in the industry for years, can not.”

Nikolas Hample, PCVS Graduate 2017

Hear from Recent Graduates

Hear from PCVS graduates Jacklyn Grad (2019), Matt Cosby (2012), as well as renowned photographer Joyce Tenneson on the PCVS Experience.

We are ready for you!

Applications now being accepted for Fall 2021. Call 207-236-8581, or Apply online!

Meet Your Faculty

Past Student Work

Dave Backlin – PCVS 2021

Kristina Fort – PCVS 2021

Jacklyn Grad – PCVS 2019


Aled Lewis Furniture Maker Short Documentary, Created by Jacklyn Grad & Tillie Marsh, PCVS 2019.




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