Mail and Package’s Policy

Proper Address’

United States Postal Service:
Maine Media Workshop
P.O. Box 200
Rockport, ME  04856-0200

All other Carriers:
Maine Media Workshops
70 Camden Street
Rockport, ME  04856-5952


All mailboxes are located in the Haas Building.

  • Employee mailboxes are located in the mailroom of the Haas building. There is a “map” in the center of the employee mailboxes directing you to the mailbox you can find your mail, paycheck and any notices.
  • Student mailboxes are in the entryway (on the left upon entrance) of the Haas building. Student mail and package notices will be distributed into the student mailboxes by last name.
Income Mail/Packages

For best service, it is highly recommended that packages and sensitive mail be sent via a shipper using a tracking number and requiring a signature (i.e., UPS, FedEx, or USPS Express Mail).

Neither Maine Media Workshops + College, nor its staff, will be responsible for the delivery of any packages.

  • Mail Delivery – Although exceptions may occur, USPS Mail (i.e., letters, cards, and postcards) usually reaches campus between and 12:30pm and 1:00pm, Monday through Friday. It is then sorted and distributed to mail boxes before 2 p.m. Any mail that may be received on Saturday is sorted and distributed by 2pm Monday.
    Note: This excludes Express Mail items, which are considered a package and must be signed for.
  • Package Delivery – Packages, oversized envelopes, and boxes that have been sent to Maine Media via a shipper using a tracking number (i.e., UPS or FedEx) and requiring a signature will be delivered to the Haas Building. Packages usually arrive no later than 3 p.m. These packages are processed the day they are received and written notification is distributed to mail boxes. Designated staff will put a written notice in the staff or students mail box notifying them that a package is being held at the Haas building. To pick up packages, staff or student must present the written notification to a designated staff member at the Haas building.
Outgoing Mail/Packages

United State Postal Service – A postage meter is available for mailing via the USPS. Only an authorized staff may use the postage meter. Appropriate weighted, sized, labeled and sealed boxed packages AND letters must be left in the appropriate department marked outgoing black mail tray. The designated staff member will add the postage and take to the local post office for mailing. All USPS packages and mail must be in the appropriate outgoing black mail tray no later than 12pm in order for same day mailing.

UPS or FedEx – Maine Media has an account with UPS and FedEx for shipping purposes. All packages to be shipped same day via UPS or FedEx must have a shipping request form completed and submitted to the Business Office no later than 11am.

All UPS and FedEx packages must be in an appropriate shipping container and sealed. A shipping label will be emailed to you to place on the box. The package must be left in the mailroom for UPS or FedEx to pickup. Unusual circumstances may arise; Maine Media takes no responsibility for packages and mail that are not sent on the same day.

MAINE MEDIA DOES NOT HAVE A REGULAR DAILY PICK UP WITH UPS OR FedEx. If you are NOT using a shipping request form, you may request, through the business office, for a same day pick up. The request must be received into the business office no later than 11am for same day pick up. You may also choose to drop off your package at the local shipping company, Global Packing & Shipping. They have a daily UPS and FedEx pick-up and are located in Camden at 87 Elm Street (M-F, 9am-5pm).

Unclaimed Packages

If the package has not been picked up within 72 hours after the initial notification, the staff member or student will receive a second written notice that will be placed in the mailbox in the Haas building. If the package has not been picked up within 48 hours of the second notification it will be returned back to the shipper.

Delivery Delays

Delays in delivery are possible. Reasons for possible delays may include the following:

  • Holidays – This means that the following business day will yield twice the amount of mail/packages usually received. The influx of packages can strain our ability to provide you with prompt service.
  • Late Deliveries – All packages and/or mail received on-campus after 2 p.m. may be delayed up to 1 day due to late delivery.
  • Incorrect Addresses – Mail and packages with an incorrect address is usually returned to its original sender
  • Incorrect Zip Code – It is imperative that all incoming mail items have the correct zip code of 04856. Alternate zip codes can lead to misplacement of the mail piece and up to a day or more in delays.
Medication, Items of Monetary or Personal Value

It is recommended that any valuable items, such as computers and cameras, be insured for the value of the item.

  • Medication – It is highly recommended that time sensitive medication is shipped using Next Day Air service to assure that these packages receive proper immediate handling. We recommend that you not send time sensitive medication or items via USPS (United States Postal Service) because there is no method for tracking these packages and this mail does not provide the priority status of Next Day Air.
  • Items of Monetary or Personal Value – It is strongly recommend that any items of monetary or personal value be shipped to the Haas building using Next Day Air service offered by various shippers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS Express Mail and DHL. These services require signatures upon delivery to campus and allow for tracking of their progress. Also, these packages are stored at the Haas building where only the recipient can retrieve the package with appropriate documentation.

Please note that all non-Express USPS mail types (Insured, Priority, First-Class, Certified, Registered, Delivery Confirmation) receive no special handling. These items are delivered directly to the staff or student mailboxes. FedEx home and ground deliveries are not considered Next Day Air services.

It is highly recommended that these packages be insured for the value of the item. This service is provided by shippers and is intended to provide protection in case the item is lost or damaged during shipment.

Lost Packages

If you believe a package is more than 3 business days late and you have not been notified of its arrival please follow these steps:

Track your package on-line (make sure it reached Maine Media Workshops + College.)

  • Print out the tracking page if it is indeed more than 3 business days late
  • Notify the designated staff member responsible for shipping.
  • Include tracking #, who signed for the package, when it was received, and who delivered the package (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.)

Note: Only if you have used a service that provides a tracking number are we able to help you find your package because the tracking number allows us to verify that it has safely reached campus. This excludes all USPS tracking options other than Express Mail.

Mail Forwarding

You may have personal mail forwarded and delivered to Maine Media Workshops + College while you are affiliated with the Workshops. Once your affiliation has ended please be sure to reverse your forwarding. Maine Media will forward on personal mail 2 weeks from the end of your affiliation. After this time, Maine Media will no longer forward your personal mail, and it may be discarded. Maine Media Workshops + College is not liable for any discarded mail.

Security & Disclaimers
  • Federal law prohibits the obstruction of mail delivery. But, according to the U.S. Postal Service, mail is delivered when it reaches the intended address (not recipient). Accordingly, Maine Media does not violate federal law if a designated employee opens personal mail (employee, student or instructor).
  • Maine Media Workshops + College strives to keep all packages and mail secure. Maine Media is not responsible for lost, damaged, or opened packages or mail.
  • Maine Media Workshops + College reserves the right to open any package or mail delivered to Maine Media’s address.
  • All packages received will require a signature of the package recipient.
  • Maine Media reserves the right to discard prior staff, student and/or instructor mail not properly forwarded. 
  • Maine Media reserves the right to discard non first-class mail (example – catalogs, promotional material, bulk mail, etc.)

Any questions about USPS mail contact the Business Office.