Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 4/22/20)

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and with the health and well being of our community at the forefront of our thoughts, Maine Media Workshops + College is taking the unprecedented step of suspending all on campus activities through the month of August. It is our intention to resume campus activities in Rockport again beginning in September 2020, as improving conditions allow. Many of our programs, courses and workshops will be presented through online instruction, and all of our certificate courses will continue through a combination of online and one-on-one delivery.  

Why is MMW+C suspending campus activities for the summer season?

The global health crisis created by COVID-19 demands a comprehensive response and all members of the community must take necessary steps to limit exposure.  Many national and international organizations, including the World Health Organization and the Maine CDC, predict that the spread of this contagion will crest by mid summer, and that great care should be taken to minimize opportunities for the virus to spread.  Where a community of students and professionals convene at Maine Media each summer from all over the world – often to work in close quarters & within labs and classrooms – we feel that suspending classes until the greatest threat has passed is the most responsible course of action.  

Will some workshops or programs be delayed until the fall?

Yes, the catalogue of courses is being revised and many workshops will be rescheduled for the fall.  Those courses that are reliant on specialized equipment and facilities will be prioritized in our schedule for the fall, on campus.  We are also hard at work adapting summer programming for online delivery.  

Will MMW+C offer remote or online classes?  

Yes, we are adapting many summer programs for online delivery, in addition to adding new offerings that lend themselves to online learning.  A listing of available online courses is located here: 

This listing will be updated on a regular basis as we schedule more offerings.

Will someone be available to help me select which online course is best for me?

Yes, our staff would be happy to work with you to help select the best class for your personal ambitions and schedule. Reach us at [email protected].

Will all the original workshops in the catalogue be converted to online classes?

Not all previously scheduled courses will be converted for online delivery.  Program staff are working with each faculty member to make the best plans as appropriate to the nature of the workshop they teach. Courses that rely on specific facilities, including some of the cinematography courses, letterpress, book arts classes, and historic processes classes will likely be rescheduled for the fall. A listing of available online courses is located here:  

This listing will be updated on a regular basis as we schedule more offerings. 

How do I know what workshops are offered online?

Maine Media is creating a new catalogue listing all online offerings. Click here

The listing will be updated on a regular basis as we schedule more offerings. If you have already registered for an on-campus workshop, our registration staff will be in touch with details to help you facilitate that change.

Can I switch my workshop to a different one in the fall?

Yes, if your course has been suspended or cancelled, you may transfer to an alternate workshop, online course, or a future program.  Please contact the registrar at [email protected]

What is MMW+C’s cancellation policy for issues related to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Special consideration will be applied to students and workshops affected by these circumstances.  All deposits on file with Maine Media as of April 21 for onsite workshops originally scheduled after June 7th are eligible for a 15% premium.  This premium can be applied to any Maine Media courses as they are scheduled, online or on-campus, and will be honored at the time of final billing.  Policy for cancellations is located here.

If I don’t want to take the workshop online, can I get a refund?

We would encourage you to select an alternative workshop when on-campus courses resume.  Should transferring to alternative courses not be possible, processing time for refunding deposits will be 30-45 days.  Please contact the registrar at [email protected] 

What will happen to the YO summer program?

Maine Media’s Young Artists high school programs are being formatted for online participation.

Will the CCF program continue through the summer trimester?

Yes, CCF students will participate in online courses during the summer, returning to campus in the fall to participate in workshops and complete their final film production.

Will the PCVS program be offered in September?

Yes, the PCVS (Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling) program is continuing and is producing outstanding work. We are accepting applications for the next registration that begins in September 2020.

Click here for more information:

Will the low residency MFA program continue?

Yes, the MFA program is a low–residency program and has been organized remotely for more than 20 years, and it is thriving! The next registration is November 2020. Click here for information:

Will the MMW+C campus be accessible for public tours or visitors?

Unfortunately, no. All public on-campus activities are suspended through the month of August.  If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us anytime by phone, email or letter: phone: 207.236.8581; email [email protected]; mailing PO Box 200 Rockport, ME  04856 

Are the MMW+C offices open?

Maine Media’s offices are open but operating remotely until the Maine’s work restrictions and recommendations are lifted.  

How can I reach someone?

You can reach us anytime by phone, email or letter: phone: 207.236.8581; email [email protected]; mailing PO Box 200 Rockport, ME  04856 

Is there an Alumni Network I can join?

Yes, the Alumni Network is active and welcomes all current and former students, faculty, instructors and seasonal staff. We will be establishing a link on our website in the near future, but for information now reach out to us at:  [email protected]  

Where can I look for updates?

Updates on Maine Media’s response to conditions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic can be reviewed here.