Have you come across an accessibility barrier at Maine Media?

Should you encounter any physical, electronic, or programmatic barriers, please use the form below to help us identify them so that they may be removed as quickly as possible to ensure accessibility for all.

Maine Media is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students regardless of disability. We strive to create an accessible environment in which our students and staff may thrive. 

If this is an emergency or an immediate need related to campus facilities, or if it poses a hazard to others in the community, please call the Director of Operations & Maintenance at (207) 236-2636 x306 in addition to completing this form. For after-hours emergency barriers, please call (207) 691-4258.

Please note that this barrier reporting form can be submitted anonymously. We also offer a guide on how to request accommodations, including our online request form. For any questions or more information, please contact the Maine Media Studen Affairs Coordinator.

Report an accessibility barrier using our online form: