Maine Media has once again partnered with Carl Zeiss USA to sponsor the Precision Image Competition, “PIC”.

PIC is an opportunity for all 2020 MMW students to experience the unparalleled image quality of Zeiss lenses while challenging themselves to create new still and moving pictures for a dynamic competition.

Zeiss provides a wide selection of lenses for still and cinema cameras for students to “test-drive” while on campus. Students are invited to submit their work made with these lenses, to the competition in two categories:

  • Documentary and narrative short films
  • Still images ranging in genre from fine art to documentary and commercial photography

The grand prize winner in each category will receive a selection of premier Zeiss SLR lenses valued at $8,200 and a MMW 2021 tuition scholarship. Winners will be announced at the Annual Maine Media Party at B&H in Manhattan.

Submission Guidelines

For Photos:

  • 72 dpi
  • 8 inches on the long side
  • Adobe RGB color space
  • File name must be as follows: FirstNameLastName_ImageTitle_ZeissLensUsed.jpeg
  • Image must be shot with Zeiss glass
  • Image must be made during a 2020 MMW course

Email submissions to [email protected] You may include up to 6 Stills. Please indicate the Lenses used.

For Short Films:

  • Please upload your film to your own personal Vimeo account
  • Please make sure that your video is viewable through a hyperlink
  • Video must be shot with Zeiss glass
  • Anything shot with MMW’s Zeiss Cine lenses is also eligible

Please email [email protected] with your name, the name/date of the workshop you attended, and Vimeo links for up to three 90-second films. After we verify your registration, we will link the video to a “PiC” Precision Image Competition album on the Maine Media Vimeo account. Please make sure the permission “Add to their collections” box is checked in the privacy settings of the videos. Please indicate which Zeiss lens(es) were used in the description box (under video settings).

For more about the contest and to see past photo submissions, go to

Good luck!