The Maine Media Alumni Network is an extraordinary network made up of 35,000 people living worldwide. Our alumni are leading lives of purpose as photographers, filmmakers, book artists, writers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Through the Alumni Network, new opportunities to connect will revive the excitement that’s found on our Rockport Campus. This will be a space for new learning, old friendships, and fresh artistic ideas, sustaining the tradition of Maine Media long after your workshop, certificate, or degree program ends. The good news is that this Alumni Network will live on when we’re able to gather together again! We’ll continue to bring you content, networking opportunities, and (let’s be honest) parties well into the future.

Here you’ll discover news about events, lectures, classes and get updates on programs and presentations to keep you meaningfully engaged. 

Upcoming Lectures

Wednesday June 10th at 2 pm EDT – “Starting and Finishing Stories” with Maurice Carlos Ruffin

A seminar on the best techniques to help you get started writing your stories. The discussion will also include best practices for bringing fiction to a satisfying conclusion. The seminar will end with a Q&A for participants. 

Hosted by MMW President, Michael Mansfield

Wednesday, June 17th at 2pm EDT – Collecting Photography as Passion and Profession with Daile Kaplan & Alice Zimet

“Collecting as Passion and Profession” brings together two New Yorkers — a collector turned educator/advisor and an auction specialist/curator turned collector — on the considerations of building a collection, what they collect, and how the passion of photography has changed their lives.

Hosted by Elizabeth Greenberg

Registration Opening Soon

All Lectures are scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Header Image: ©Mỹ  Mannucci, student, 2018