Maine Media Workshops + College Board of Directors’ Commitment to Social Equity and Inclusion

Rev 4, Nov 30, 2020

The Board of Directors of Maine Media Workshops + College is committed to diversity, equity and inclusiveness as core values. We define diversity to encompass a wide spectrum of attributes that include race, ethnic heritage and culture, gender identity, age, and geography. We actively work to create an inclusive environment that promotes the free exchange of new ideas, perspectives, and initiatives, removing barriers and increasing access for those who have been underserved. This, in turn, provides pathways for our faculty and students to learn from each other, foster creativity, and participate in the transformative experience that is Maine Media.

Our Board has made it a priority to take a leadership role by assembling a group of directors that reflects our mission of growing the diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve. The diversity of our Board leads to better problem-solving, more open dialogue, and improves the effectiveness of Board decisions on the strategy and governance of the school. The diversity of our Board reinforces the values of our school and helps insure the ongoing future growth and success of Maine Media.

Convening: A Critical Dialogue on the History and Future of Media Arts

This 2021 virtual symposium brought together leading experts in media arts from across the country to explore themes of representation, image making, identity, and creative practice.

Convening fosters an open dialogue among artists, scholars and activists on media born artistic practices. It explored the innovative practices and critical perspectives of photographers, filmmakers, printmakers and writers drawn from the long and dynamic history of media and art, through themes of history, representation, evidence, the archive, image making, identity, practice and presence. The program featured keynote speakers and panel discussions organized by leading practitioners and moderated by noted photographer Sean Alonzo Harris.

Recordings of Convening Speakers are Available to View on the Convening Landing Page!

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Young Artist Scholarship Program

In 2020 MMW+C launched a new youth scholarship program whose mission is to build community through storytelling, by providing support to young artists from diverse backgrounds, and underrepresented communities. This year the program is working directly with Maine-based Youth organizing bodies.

Recent Student Work from 2020 Program led by Madeleine Morlet:

Image by Veronica
Image by Veronica
Image by Paulo
Image by Jolika

June 3, 2020: MMW+C Statement of Solidarity