Below are the Maine Media Workshops + College policies that apply to all members of our campus community. For program-specific policies, please refer to the handbooks listed on the College – Forms, Academic Calendar, Policies & Handbooks and the Notices, Policies & Forms pages.  If you have any questions about your employment or these policies, please contact Jane Richardson at [email protected].

Academic Policies are defined as those policies which impact academic programs and services to students and facilitate the academic and professional life of the faculty.

The anti-discrimination and harassment policy protects everyone in Maine Media’s community from discrimination based on certain personal characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, among others. It also protects the community from bullying & harassment, including sexual harassment.

Campus Policies apply broadly across Maine Media Workshops + College, governing the community of students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Grievance – formal difference or dispute between a student and Maine Media Workshops + College about the interpretation and/or application of non-academic policies and procedures, or provision of services, by members of Maine Media’s faculty or staff, that negatively affects the student. A grievance may be based on one of the following claims: failure to provide services, arbitrary and/or capricious actions by a an employee or administrative office; policy or procedure applied unfairly and/or in a different manner than it was applied to others; administrative error in the application of the policy or procedure.

A grievance differs from an appeal of an academic decision, as it deals with service issues and not the actual outcomes of course work. See Student Handbooks for academic appeals.

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