Maine Media Workshops + College educates and inspires visual artists and storytellers to achieve their creative potential. We provide lifelong learning opportunities for those pursuing the fine arts and media-related professions. We are committed to fostering a diverse community that values creativity, respects culture, and seeks to deepen human understanding and expand communication in the world.


The purposes of Maine Media Workshops and Maine Media College are:

  • to honor historical forms and practices while embracing new technologies and modes of creative expression.
  • to provide a focused educational experience distinguished by excellence in craftsmanship, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • to support the creation of exemplary work in a student’s chosen media.
  • to foster intellectual and artistic growth, academic success, collaboration, and community involvement.
  • to model professional practices and examine ethical responsibilities.

The objectives of the Workshops are to support participants in:

  • exploring new modalities of expression in order to broaden their artistic range and creative experiences.
  • strengthening their skills and techniques.
  • engaging in dialogue with others in order to build relationships and communities that help to sustain their work in the future.
  • attending presentations, exhibitions and screenings that expose them to a range of artistic expression and practice.
  • celebrating creative expression and intensity of effort and collaboration within the Workshops community.

The objectives of the College Master of Fine Arts Program require students to:

  • exhibit the professional intensity and high standards of a terminal degree
  • create exemplary work under the guidance of mentors that demonstrates independent creative vision and fluent understanding of art making techniques and practices culminating in the successful completion and public presentation of the MFA thesis project
  • participate in critiques with members of the College community and strive for rigorous self-evaluation and growth as evidenced by the consistent and purposeful development and pursuit of coherent goals
  • demonstrate, both orally and in writing, competence in interpretative analysis of creative work and in situating the work in appropriate historical, cultural, and social contexts culminating in the successful completion, presentation and discussion of the MFA thesis paper.

The objectives of the College Professional Certificate Programs require students to:

  • create exemplary work under the guidance of the faculty that demonstrates artistic growth and strength of craft.
  • actively participate in critiques by members of the College community that lead to rigorous self-evaluation.
  • learn the historical, cultural and social relevance of their chosen media form.