Film School at Maine Media:
Accelerate Your Filmmaking Career

Filmmaking Courses in Production, Cinematography, Editing & Directing

Our film students have gone on to win Oscars and Emmys. Are you ready to make game-changing films and TV shows too? As part of the next generation of filmmakers, we want you to have the tools to realize your vision.

Learn From Leaders in The Filmmaking Industry

When you access our uniquely intensive and immersive programs, you’ll have the opportunity to take a deep dive into cinematography, directing, documentary, screenwriting, performing, audio, editing, and post-production under the intimate direction of accomplished professionals.

Filmmaking is a marriage of passion, vision, and technique. Bring your passion and we’ll help you find your focus and sharpen your technique.

Browse film classes and workshops in Film Editing, Documentary Film, Directing, Film Audio and more. Or find out more about Filmmaking Degree and Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking.