Maine Media offers Long-Term Programs Ranging from 4-30 weeks in Filmmaking, Photography, Multimedia, Writing, and More.

Our long-term programs are designed for emerging professionals, individuals transitioning careers, working professionals expanding their skill sets, college-aged students, and anyone else looking for a completely immersive educational experience and opportunity to focus on honing their craft and developing their passion.



2023 Filmmaking Intensives:

3-Week Commercials & Music Videos Intensive (New for 2023)
4-Week Film School
4-Week Directing Intensive
4-Week Cinematography Intensive
5-Week Cinematography Intensive (New: Includes Foundations of Film Production as a pre-intensive)
6-Week Cinematography Intensive
10-Week Filmmaking Intensive (Residency program)
30-Week Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking (Maine Media College)

Additional Multi-Week Filmmaking Programs often include:
Editing & Post-Production Intensive
Screenwriting Intensive
4-Week Experimental Film Intensive (ONLINE)
4-Week Documentary Film School (Online) 2023
6-Week Filmmaking Workstudy (not scheduled in 2022)

Photography & Multimedia


2023 Photography & Multimedia Programs:

6-Week Summer Photo Intensive
30 Week Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling (Maine Media College)

Note: If you are interested in our long-term College Degree and Certificate Programs, visit our College Page!


Header Image: ©Austin Halpern (Photography Intensive)