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Nils Tcheyan - Profile picture

Nils Tcheyan

Maine Media Board - Joanna Jones

Joanna Jones

Vice Chair
Maine Media Board - James Dillon

James Dillon


Sal Taylor Kydd

Maine Media Board - Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Advancement Co-Chair
Maine Media Board - Liv Rockefeller

Liv Rockefeller

Advancement Co-Chair


Maine Media Board - Anna Ginn

Anna Ginn

Sean Alonzo Harris

Sean Alonzo Harris

Maine Media Board - Larry Hott

Lawrence “Larry” Hott

Rick Hopper - Profile picture

Rick Hopper

Robert ToTeras - Profile Pic

Robert ToTeras

Van Pulley - Profile Picture

Van Pulley

Michael Mansfield Profile Picture - Photo by Rich Beauchesne

Michael Mansfield

Ex Officio

Founding Emeritus Directors

Charles Altschul​ Headshot

Charles Altschul

Founding Emeritus Director
John Claussen - Profile picture

John Claussen

Founding Emeritus Director
Barbara Goodbody - Profile picture

Barbara Goodbody

Founding Emeritus Director
Peter Ralston Profile Picture

Peter Ralston

Founding Emeritus Director
Joyce Tenneson Profile Picture

Joyce Tenneson

Founding Emeritus Director
Joan Welsh Profile Picture

Joan Welsh

Founding Emeritus Director

David H. Lyman Founder & Director (1973-2007).

Tripod Society Chair/s

The Tripod Society is a growing group of friends who recognize the important role that Maine Media Workshops + College plays in the exploration of imagination and the nurturing of creative lives. Learn more about the Tripod Society and how to join.


Ellen Slotnick

Tripod Society Chair

Header Image: Daniel Pearl, ASC teaching Maine Media students how to shoot TV commercials and music videos. Photo by Alaric Beal.