The Tripod Society is a growing group of friends who recognize the important role that Maine Media Workshops + College plays in nurturing creative lives. The programs are transformative, the instructors are among the best in the world, and no other school offers the range of courses Maine Media does.

Tripod Society members are a vital part of Maine Media’s magic. They are artists and alumni, founders and faculty, film buffs and photo fans. Maine Media offers special recognition events for tripod members each year, bringing friends together to enjoy great company, spectacular scenery, and unforgettable experiences with incredible instructors.

Tripod Society members make unrestricted contributions of $5,000 or more each year to MMW+C. These contributions make it possible to transform people’s lives by:

  • Offering Scholarships
  • Improving our equipment and facilities
  • Hiring and retaining the best faculty and staff
  • Strengthening our impact in the local community
  • Allowing people to engage in lifelong learning

“Maine Media has not only increased my knowledge of and passion for photography substantially, it has also exposed me to some of the finest photographers and instructors, allowed me to meet many new people and make a few good friends, and has touched me as a photographer and a human being. It’s incumbent upon me to give back to this community, which has made such valuable contributions to myself and other artists.”  Skip Klein, TRIPOD member since 2011.

“I have met fellow Tripod members who are the most passionate, committed, and supportive of MMW’s mission. Spending an afternoon lecture, a workshop, or island hopping by boat with fellow members have been the highlights of my summers. These experiences deepen my love and appreciation of Maine and our community, and inspire me to be a better photographer.”  — Ni Rong, TRIPOD member since 2010.

Maine Media Workshops + College is a non-profit institution, and its financial records are independently audited each year. MMW+C’s 990 is available online or by request, and contributions are tax deductible under current guidelines.