Winter Term
Levels: Elective – 4 credits (Intermediate)

In the 2nd Term of Collaborations in Multimedia, we will build upon the foundational skills and knowledge developed during Semester One. Now that students have gained a comfortable footing in the basics of capturing and editing video and audio, we will begin to delve deeper into both the technical and theoretical side of the mediums.
We will explore sound design, editing theory, camera movement, and more. We will discuss the finer points of shooting, lighting, and editing talking head interviews, and we will introduce additional facets of post-production such as motion graphics and color correction.
Over the course of the term students will work on a series of projects with various focuses, including a culminating film. There will be screenings, critiques, and in-depth discussion.
We will also discuss many of the practicalities of doing professional client work.
We will also begin to discuss in more detail, the best ways to market yourself as both a photographer and a Multimedia Storyteller, and how this well-rounded set of skills can set you apart from media artists with a sole specialty.

Header Image:  ©Madhura Srinivas (PCVS graduate 2016)

Past Student Work:

Past Student Work
Aled Lewis Furniture Maker, Created by Jacklyn Grad & Tillie Marsh, PCVS Semester 2, 2019

Past student work:
National Oz Museum, Produced by Fiona Chong and Chris Lehmann. 2015 winner of the Emmy Award (Boston-New England region) as Best Interstitial.