I am interested in becoming a fine art photographer, why would I enroll in this program?

The PC program is an opportunity to create resolved bodies of work while establishing a personal voice in your photography. The design of the curriculum and the emphasis on making images will enable your work to foster and grow. You will have the opportunity to create finished portfolio caliber work here.

May I transfer credits in to this program?

Applicants with prior college experience may have work completed elsewhere accepted for credit in the Certificate program at Maine Media College, or have certain required courses waived. View Maine Media Colleges transfer credit policy here.

Is Maine Media College accredited?
Can I get a Federal loan to pay for my Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling at Maine Media College?

Yes! Maine Media is committed to providing financial assistance to students attending our certificate or degree programs. See our Financial Aid – Title IV, Scholarships & Other page.

I am interested in becoming a professional photographer and earning my living that way, is this the right program for me? 

The emphasis on cross disciplines and professional practices enables students to create a professional portfolio of personal work ready to market. Cross disciplines introduce short video forms and editing technique as well as concentration on the still image. You will build portfolios of new work while gaining new skills and vision and practice craft. We also offer business practice courses and electives to tailor your experience.

I am just out of high school, thinking about taking a gap year, should I consider this program?

The 30-week program is an intensive educational model to accomplish a great deal in a brief yet thorough and practical manner. Establish your passion and get the answers you seek about your career aspiration here in our programs.

I just finished college with a degree in art majoring in photography, would this program help me towards finding a job? 

Tailoring a professional portfolio is something that you can accomplish here. Revitalize your ideas, experience our Professional Development course and hit the ground with a tailored portfolio and new skills and renewed motivation.

I am thinking about changing my life and my career and I have always loved photography, would this be the right path to a career change? 

This is a program to nurture your ideas and delve deeply into the creative impulse. You will develop a portfolio, experience critique, learn new skills and have time to think, expand on your ideas and further your working methods toward new goals including multi media forms with video.

I am interested in becoming a professional photographer, would I get the right credentials and experience by attending this program? 

You will learn storytelling while delving into multi media practice and develop the technical skills to make interesting and professional work assembled into portfolios or short videos. Both lyric and documentary styles are encouraged and discussed within the curriculum.

what kind of jobs Might I be qualified for after completion?

Photography & film making are both very entrepreneurial and your studies here would prepare you for a variety of positions. You might open a studio on your own, freelance for magazines, work in production houses, or editing studios. You might retouch or studio assist. Our graduates are picture editors, gallery assistants, multimedia storytellers and editorial photographers working for magazines and NGO’s.

Header image credit: Christine Moriello, PCVS grad 2016