MFA Entrance Requirements

MFA Committee members review completed applications as they are received and provide opinions regarding admissions to the MFA Steering Committee. The MFA Steering Committee makes final admissions determinations, and the MFA Program Chair notifies applicants. MFA admissions materials are reviewed for evidence of a prospective student’s unique visual statement, the cohesiveness of voice, and competency in their chosen medium, as well as their level of understanding of their work. Additionally, the MFA Steering Committee considers whether an applicant has the capacity for graduate-level work and is likely to thrive in the low-residency environment.

The Committee expects that a student matriculating into the MFA program at Maine Media College holds a B.F.A., B.A., or B.S. degree (or the documented equivalent in the case of international students), has had extensive practical and/or academic experience in their area of endeavor and is conversant with the history of their chosen media. In extraordinary circumstances, the MFA Committee may admit an applicant who does not hold an undergraduate degree. In these instances, the applicant must provide persuasive and ample documented evidence of an education equivalent in breadth and depth. See Maine Media Colleges policy here.