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Tripod Society Logo, 2023

Storytelling makes us human, creates a way for people to connect and relate to each other, and enables us to get others to think about alternative viewpoints. We live in a time where the opportunities for storytelling are boundless. We have more opportunities to share stories than ever before, and this is the moment when we need to bring our students and community together.

At Maine Media, we create space for storytellers by educating and inspiring visual artists and storytellers to achieve their creative potential. Artists come to Maine Media with an enormous ambition to make better work, better their craft, convene their craft, and transform their journey.

Tripod Society members are a vital part of Maine Media’s magic.

Leadership donors who support Maine Media with annual gifts of $1,000 or more to the Maine Media Fund set the pace for our philanthropic community, with the Tripod society making up over 60% of our annual fund. With your support, we bring students and artists to campus, create additional space for programs and resources for our students, and expand our reach in the community. Support helps us expand the reach of storytelling, and the possibility for human understanding.

Members of our Tripod Society are included in our annual leadership donor listing, enjoy invitations to exclusive events and pre-event receptions, and receive insider access to exciting news and happenings at Maine Media. Become a leader in our Maine Media community and a source of inspiration by joining the Tripod Society with a contribution to the Maine Media Fund at one of the following levels:

Tripod Society Benefits

Platinum Palladium


Silver Gelatin






Listing on Maine Media 2023 Donor page and 2023 Annual Report
Invitation to annual summer kickoff reception
Invitations to two lunch-and-learns with a featured guest
Scholarship with parameters designated at donor’s discretion *
Complimentary workshop for one attendee **
Private dinner with Maine Media President
Join Join Join Join
* Up to $1,500 ** Not including food and housing

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