Master high-end camera systems, advanced digital workflow, and cinematic storytelling techniques

Oct 3, 2022 - Oct 7, 2022

Levels: Advanced, Master,
Workshop Fee: $1,595
Class Size: 16

This workshop covers the advanced technical aspects of digital camera systems and delves into the theory and fine art of cinematic storytelling. The class is designed for cinematographers, filmmakers, and video professionals looking to explore the creative potential, and technical options of the latest high-end digital cameras used in Commercials, Music Videos, TV and Feature Film Production, and apply their knowledge to create a portfolio-quality cinematic short piece.  

Students focus heavily on shot and sequence design through treatment interpretation and assessing story content, scene coverage, blocking, camera movement, perspective, lens selection, and eyelines.

The class is heavily project-based, and by the week’s end, students will each have shot a 1-2 minute visually-focused piece on a high-end camera, with the support of their classmates as their crew. Participants should come prepared with a concept that may be executed in a 4-hour block of shooting time.

A seasoned, industry Director of Photography will teach this course. Students will have the opportunity to gain insight from the instructor on the many career paths and trends in the world of cinematography and the camera department.


Past Student Work:

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Instructor: Diego Rosenblatt

Diego studied in cinematography at Maine Media Workshops and College where he got the chance to learn from some of the best DP´s in the world. Growing up in Montevideo…