Gain an overview of the best professional, business and ethical practices for media artists

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A familiarity with relevant business and professional protocol is necessary to prepare media artists to fulfill their creative goals. This course provides an overview of professional, business and ethical practices for media artists. Topics including copyright, licensing, project funding, business practices, and emerging methods for delivery and presentation of work will be covered through lectures, guest presentations and panel discussions.  Each student will develop and launch a personal website, in addition to creating marketing and promotional materials appropriate to their career ambitions.

The Class Meets Tuesday 1:30-5:00pm 
Mar 24-May 26, 2020

Minimum enrollment of 5 students required.

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Instructor: Elizabeth Greenberg

Elizabeth Greenberg is an artist and educator living on the coast of Maine. She is an explorer of places and memories of that which has never been seen. Elizabeth’s passion for photography is her guide for living a life and career immersed in a daily conversation about looking at and making pictures. She is Provost at MMW + C and teaches in all programs at Maine Media, including a workshop in Hawaii.