The purpose of this handbook is to outline and clarify the Professional Certificate: program of study, procedures & policies, and expectations. This handbook will be updated regularly.

Professional Certificate Student Handbook

150.300–Academic Warning
150.310–Academic Probation
150.320–Tardiness & Absenteeism
160.030–Library & Learning Resources
160.300–Administrative Committees & Governance Procedures
160.310–Long Term Resident Student Health, Accident & Injury Insurance
160.320–Student Files
190.300–Professional Certificate Admissions Requirements
190.310–Professional Certificate Requirements
190.320–Credit Requirements
190.330–Transfer Credits
190.340–Withdrawal & Refund Policy
190.350–Grading & Evaluations
190.360–Requirements for Advancement to Final Term
190.370–End of Term Reviews, Exhibition & Screening
190.390–Evaluation Procedure
190.410–Equipment Security Deposit
190.420–Permits & Releases
190.430–Film Technical Department Policy
190.440–Photographers: Working with Models Policy
190.450–Production Policy
250.100–Professional Certificate Program Evaluation Rubric

General Policies

Maine Media Workshops + College has adopted a list of General Policies to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all members of the campus community. It is up to all students to review these policies. To view Maine Media’s General Policies please go here.