MFA Requirements

To earn an MFA degree at Maine Media College students must complete 60 semester hour graduate credits. As the MFA is a studio degree, students must earn a majority of credits through the creative process of making art.  Of the 60 credits, at least 65% (39 credits) must be earned through projects where the primary focus is on producing creative work. At least 25% (15 credits) must be earned in completing projects or intensives where the primary focus is academic. The remaining 10% (6 credits) may be creative, academic, or any combination of the two as will be most beneficial.  Students with the guidance of their advisors determine the appropriate distribution of elective credits.

MFA students must fulfill several specific requirements, both academic and creative, for which he or she will earn graduate credit.  These requirements are indicated where applicable in the chart that follows.



An MFA student must fulfill specific requirements, academic and studio, for which he or she earns graduate credit. These requirements are indicated in the chart that follows.

Studio Academic Total
Mentored Projects 33 credits 8 credits 41 credits
Intensives 4 credits 4 credits
Thesis Project 6 credits 3 credits 9 credits
Electives (May be either studio or academic in any combinations agreed upon by the student and advisor) 6 credits
Total 60 credits

: Students may elect to earn up to nine of their studio credits through the successful completion of approved, level 3 or level 4 workshops.  Each workshop is valued at one credit.