Go deep into the cinematic language of shot design and composition to make your stories land with impact.

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For teen filmmakers looking to dive more deeply into the dynamics of individual expression in filmmaking.  Whether you are taking this class on its own or to follow 2-Week Film School, you will be guided by a working filmmaker as you explore more advanced concepts of filmmaking and learn how to effectively use the camera and shot design in the service of visual storytelling.  The focus in this workshop is on making individual films, even as participants will also learn more about the nuances of working collaboratively and will gain first-hand experience working in a variety of roles as they crew for one another.

Students will go deeper into examining and practicing story structure, shot design, preproduction, set-etiquette, camera operation and movement, lighting design, composition and scene coverage, how to work with actors, audio acquisition, color grading, sound design, and post-production workflow.  The overall emphasis of the class is cinematic visual storytelling and working with a crew to achieve a common goal. 

Whether you are looking to journey more deeply into developing your creative voice as a filmmaker or seeking a pre-college film experience that will allow you to create  your portfolio, this class will provide an immersive experience that will send you out with a finished film. 

About the Academy Programs:

All Academy students must be fully vaccinated for COVID at least 14 days prior to arrival.  A copy of the vaccine card must be submitted to [email protected]

Student days are comprised of both classroom and field/location work: lectures and critiques, demonstrations, shooting, editing, writing, computer workflow and/or digital lab work, depending on the workshop. All instructors are talented industry professionals as well as experienced educators, and each works with a teaching assistant, providing additional support for their class. The students are busy all day and into the mid-evening hours.

All students reside in our Campus Residence, occupying the lower floor.  Rooms are all private bath with a maximum of three students per room (most will be doubles). Resident Advisors (RAs) also reside on the same floor to monitor and supervise.   The upper floor is occupied by non-Academy adult workshop attendees who will have little exposure or direct interaction with the Academy students.

During the week, all meals are taken together in the dining facilities directly across the street. Weekend meals are taken in the local economy and transported by the RA’s – or sometimes do cookouts. This cost is included in the tuition package. Parents may indicate any special dietary needs upon registration.

RAs supervise the students when not in class and help make group decisions about weekend activities which may include swimming, bowling, movies, and hiking. Coin laundry facilities are available on campus.

A lobster dinner is served (there are other choices) on the last Friday night of each workshop, and all MMW+C students gather for an evening presentation of highlights from the week’s work. Parents are welcome to attend, and meal tickets may be purchased in the Registration Office.

We recommend students have access to $150 over the two-week period for incidentals, snacks, movies, field trips etc.

Header image credit: Mỹ  Mannucci, (Young Artist 2018)

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Instructor: Derek Kimball

Derek Kimball is a Maine-based filmmaker. After nearly a decade teaching directing, cinematography and film editing he returned home to direct his award-winning feature, Neptune, which premiered at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival. He is currently working a new feature, "A Winter Table", with the help of a Sundance fellowship.