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Class will meet in a live, online format using the Zoom platform on Mondays for 8 sessions 6:30pm-9:00pm ET 6/6  6/13  6/20  6/27  7/11  7/18  7/25  8/1  NO session on July 4.

Image: Judy Berk

This class takes the elements of heroic quest, often seen in fiction works, and applies them to your real-life stories, to craft memoir pieces that invite you to view your life through a broader lens. Writing from a place of hero, versus victim or villain, invites you to witness the character arc of your personal development over time, and experience your own humanity more deeply and honestly.

Writing from a place of depth can help you to gain clarity around decisions that have informed your life, and to better understand how choices have contributed to outcomes. It also encourages you to cultivate a more objective perspective of the people on your path, who appear to have helped or hindered your journey.

As a result, you will be better able to generate stories that speak to readers in universal terms that allow them to better comprehend and make meaning of their own life stories.  Applying a wide lens overlay, or mythic understanding, of how we live our lives can help writers create more expansive stories and achieve greater satisfaction from the life they have chosen.

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Instructor: Teresa Piccari

Teresa Piccari is a lover of the written word across all genres. She is a career journalist and columnist who also writes fiction and creative nonfiction. Piccari is at work on a poetry manuscript entitled Laying Down Armor. She has read at Tenants Harbor Poets and presented her nonfiction at events. Piccari has been helping people tell their fiction and nonfiction stories for more than 20 years through a diverse palette of workshops, including Memoir: Your Life Journey, Creative Writing Toolbox, Sensory Writing and Heroic Quest. A native Philadelphian, she has called coastal Maine home for 16 years.