Sep 5, 2022 - Sep 9, 2022

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1,350
Class Size: 10

Thinking in Book is a mixed-genre, non-fiction and fiction workshop in which we talk and think explicitly and intentionally about your book— the book you most want to write and how. To “think in book” sometimes requires a shift in thinking so that you can say very intentionally in the workshop: here is the book I’m writing. This is my goal. Here is my probable structure. 

We will work with innovative prompts in the workshop each day to generate new material within the framework of the project we’ve named—this may mean finishing one specific essay or chapter(s) of a memoir or the beginning of a novel or short story. Together we will also examine craft tools each day and consider them in a new light: amazingly useful, handy tools like tension and escalation and overstory and understory and dialogue and plot and vibe and voice. While the workshop will be generative and exciting in the way that writing is when we land on the unexpected, we will also be keeping an eye on the structure of the book project each of you is imagining, and we will be very clear about the “lane” your book wants to live in. 

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Instructor: Susan Conley

Susan is the author of five critically acclaimed books, including her recent, best-selling novel Landslide, which was a New York Times Book Review’s Editor’s Choice, a Today Show Summer Read,…