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This online program quickly immerses you in the key dynamics of filmmaking where you will learn the components unique to each discipline, equipping you to become a complete filmmaker. 

Maine Media has become an innovative leader in adapting film classes for online learning in real-time. 

Experience a transformative learning experience that is intensive, intimate, and immersive.

The Intensive is comprised of classes taking place from March 22 – May 14.

The Zoom platform enables us to provide an intimate and focused learning environment. Our instructors have found innovative ways to foster collaboration. By the second week of last year’s Four Week Film School, students were collaborating on a documentary, brainstorming it together, conducting remote interviews, and editing collaboratively. You will also be making fictional shorts, experimental films, and working in other forms. All from the safety of your location. Over the past year, we have also brought students together with some of the world’s leading filmmakers in online classes that have allowed them to interact and understand the nuances of navigating the industry as a professional.

Students in our 8-week spring filmmaking intensive will experience these additional benefits:

Equipment: You’ll have the opportunity to rent an equipment package for the fee of $450 for use during the spring intensive, ensuring that you have everything you need to successfully complete your work. 

Study with master filmmakers at no additional cost: In addition to your core classes and working with our accomplished core faculty members, you will receive free admission to more than a dozen master classes happening this spring.  Instructors include Paul Schrader (the legendary screenwriter of classics like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, and the Oscar-nominated writer/director of American Gigolo and First Reformed),  cinematographer Steve Yedlin, ASC (Knives Out, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Oscar-winning cinematographer John Toll, ASC (Braveheart, The Thin Red Line, Iron Man 3, The Matrix 4), and others.

NOTE: This 8-week intensive comprises the first eight weeks of the Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking program. Should you decide to pursue the full CCF professional training track, which may be completed sequentially over one year or over a three-year period, you will be assigned a mentor during the term so that you may continue on to develop a spring portfolio project after the 8-week intensive concludes. CCF students also receive an equipment package from us to use at no extra cost during their time in the program. For more details on the CCF, please visit this page Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking (CCF)

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Instructor: Alex Burnett

Alex Burnett is a New England-based filmmaker and editor who has worked within the worlds of narrative fiction, documentary, experimental cinema, and virtual reality. Having worked as an editor for National Geographic, the NFL, Colgate University, Vitec Group, and Schiempflüg NYC, he has experience with a vast range of companies and artists. His passion lies in creatively tackling the many challenges that come with telling stories through film.


Image: ©Seth MacMillan For more information, please call 207-236-8581 ext 390   This online program quickly immerses you in the key dynamics of filmmaking where you will learn the components unique…

Instructor: Kenneth James

Kenneth James (M.F.A., Ph.D.) has worked in nonfiction television as a screenwriter, producer, director, and editor.  At Maine Media and elsewhere, James has taught courses in the histories of narrative film, documentary, animation, and film noir, as well as screenwriting, directing, animation, pre-production, and more.

Instructor: Wayne Beach

Wayne Beach has written screenplays for Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, Sony, TNT, Village Roadshow Pictures, Wolf Films, and other studios and networks. His students have gone on to create box office hits and popular TV shows.

He recently created and wrote an original television pilot, American Dream, for Sony. His pitch for it inspired a bidding war between Showtime, FX, and WGN. He also recently finished an assignment adapting a novel for Identity Films, producers of The Old Man & the Gun.

His filmed screenplay credits include Murder at 1600 (Warner Bros.) starring Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane and Alan Alda; and The Art of War (Warner Bros.) starring Wesley Snipes. He wrote and directed Slow Burn (Lionsgate) starring Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mekhi Phifer, Jolene Blalock, and Taye Diggs. His directorial debut, Slow Burn premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released in 1100 theaters by Lionsgate. He has written projects for the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean, Law & Order, House M.D., Ocean’s Eleven, The Perfect Storm, Total Recall, The Fugitive Platoon, and many others.