Immerse yourself in this hands-on course covering all aspects of the art and craft of film and video production.

Aug 21, 2023 - Sep 15, 2023

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $4250
Workshop Duration: 4-weeks
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 14

The demand for individuals with the skills and knowledge required for film and video production continues to grow. This hands-on workshop is for new filmmakers, film students, graduates, and those who have yet to make their first film or work professionally in the field. During this four-week course, students gain a solid foundation in film theory and learn to work both individually and with a crew. By the course’s end, everyone will create a short narrative or documentary film.

This course will be a full immersion into every facet of filmmaking, all the way from the development of an idea, through editing and finishing. Through lectures, in-class exercises, and projects, students will learn story structure, shot design, preproduction, set etiquette, camera operation and movement, cinematography, lighting design, composition and scene coverage, working with actors, audio acquisition, and editing & post-production workflow.

Each student will gain first-hand experience working in a variety of roles such as writer, producer, director, assistant director, director of photography, camera operator, and editor. There are lectures, critiques, screenings, and discussions of technical, procedural, aesthetic, and ethical issues. Class time is comprised of demonstrations, exercises, and group projects. Students use evenings for writing and planning individual and group projects, and support one another for the final productions. The overall emphasis of the class is cinematic visual storytelling.

Past Student Work:

Created by John Shelley, 4-Week Film School 2019

Image Credits: Owen Weaver, David Martinez

PLEASE NOTE: An hour-long training session on Set Etiquette and Safety will be required of anyone registered for a workshop that involves production. Students only need to participate in this session once during their time on campus.

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David Martinez

Course Manager: David Martinez

David believes in the idea of Docendo Discimus. He enjoys teaching and has taught more than 30 different workshops at Maine Media on topics ranging from camera, lighting, color grading, and cinematography theory. He has been working as the Film Program Manager at the workshops since 2018 designing curriculums and syllabi for both in-person and online workshops. His role at the school has given him an opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of industry professionals across many areas of filmmaking and film production.