Get Inspired! Bring Your Message to Life Through Powerful Storytelling

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NOTE: This Course will be Held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.

Are you a writer or producer working in marketing, or corporate/government communications? Could you use some inspiration to bring your creative voice to life and make your message stand out in today’s omnichannel universe?

Look no further! This Workshop gives you the tools and inspiration you need to tell your organization’s unique story, enhance your value to your clients, and produce fresh, original, and on-brand content.

The curriculum is dynamic and based upon the participants’ specific needs, pain points, and experiences. Combining both online and individual/peer learning, we’ll focus on the fundamentals of effective B2B and B2C communications. This includes focusing on the importance of having a strong central idea and ways for using tone, language, and visuals to bring relevance and a human element to every assignment.

We’ll cover the fundamentals of impactful storytelling and give you a host of tips and techniques designed to grab your audience’s attention. Collaborating with your peers, you’ll work on a project for a real client, honing your presentation skills, developing the big idea and then pitching it in a virtual meeting.

Take your thinking to a whole new level. And feel free to bring work in progress and/or project ideas to share with instructors and the class.

Tentative schedule:

Monday:  5 hours (instruction/lecture)+individual writing time

Tuesday:  5 hours (instruction/lecture and introduction of the assignment by a real client)+individual writing time

Wednesday: 3 hours (instruction/lecture + creative exercise – approx. 2 hours on their own) +individual writing time

Thursday: 2 hours (instruction/check in + assignment work – students will break out into teams or work on their own)

Friday:  3 to 5 hours – assignment – pitch to client + wrap.


Regarding  Homework – most work will take place during the day – we will ask students to journal each night.

Past Students:

“Corporate Writing allows you to learn today, use tomorrow.” – Lynne Breniman, Video Services Manager

“It’s one part exploration of your creative identity, one part codification of the creative process, and one part real-world application.” – Scott Faris, Video Producer

“A balanced combination of the key elements required not only for media writing, but also creative writing in general.” – Catherine Cranmer, Sales & Marketing, Visual Sales

Image Credit:  ©Christine Moriello, Header Image:  ©Drew Cornwall


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Instructor: Bob Rosswaag

Bob specializes in developing positioning, messaging and internal communications for some of the world’s best known brands, including American Express, ANN INC., Avon, HSBC, Mondelēz, Roche, T. Rowe Price, UBS, Unilever, and many others. On a parallel track, he has a special love for teaching and has conducted onsite writing workshops for clients (including Charles Schwab and Raytheon) and guest lectures in advertising at his alma mater, Seton Hall University. Bob holds bachelor degrees in communication and English and a master’s degree in English from Seton Hall.

Instructor: Jeanne Reilly

After more than 25 years working in Corporate America and being the driving force behind hundreds of promotional and motivational videos, Jeanne Reilly is now the President of Baldwin Street Productions, a Montclair-based agency specializing in video production and creative content. Producer, director, rainmaker, coach - Jeanne wears many hats, knows where the talent is, and has gathered together an extensive network of the most innovative, successful and award winning talent in corporate video production.