Dive into the world of commercials and music videos in this extraordinary intensive. Work with masters to take your skills to the next level and learn how to direct, shoot, and edit cutting-edge content in a fast-paced environment.

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Maine Media students being taught be Daniel Pearl in Advanced Digital Cinematography
Legendary cinematographer Daniel Pearl, ASC teaching Maine Media students.

This new three-week program was designed to deliver an immersive learning experience that will challenge filmmakers to think outside the box and find their own voice as visual storytellers for these unique and powerful forms. Gather new skills as you explore and experience every step of the process required to create high-end content with a strong focus on story, visuals, and the edit.

You’ll spend the first week with an accomplished commercial director learning how to get to the core of a story and how to shape the world around it. You’ll get a real world view of what goes into client communication, pre-production, and the management skills required throughout every phase of a project. The assignments in this class will prepare you to face a wide variety of production scenarios with the confidence you need to be a leader and deliver great results on set.

The second week will be all about bringing your ideas to life. From script to screen. Explore all of the tools available to help create and shape the world for your story. Learn how to balance production needs with artistic challenges. You will observe a master cinematographer at work as you crew for them on set. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate on either a commercial or music video project. The instructor will be available to guide you and offer advice and feedback before, during, and after your shoot. 

The third and final week of the program will bring the challenge to the editing room where, through case studies and live demonstrations, you will get a solid foundation on how to make the work land with impact. Understanding what happens in editing, and how to bring all the images together to tell a cohesive narrative, will also help you develop your shooting style and inform your approach to scene coverage for future projects.

Come learn, network, and challenge yourself to become a more complete filmmaker and visual storyteller. This will be an intensive, immersive, and highly rewarding experience that can change your life and launch your career. 

Please note: Each of these workshops can also be taken individually if you are looking to take a specific class. Please contact Registration for information on room & board fees for intensives at [email protected].


The 3-Week Cinematography Intensive (Aug 21-Sep 8, 2023)

Week 1: Directing Branded Content | Jono Hunter

In this week-long creative lab, you’ll be guided by a career director in conceptualizing and producing commercial content. This hands-on workshop is for directors, producers, agency executives, and all creatives who want to gain practical experience in creating compelling and effective promotional material. The class will begin by screening a variety of commercials and branded content, analyzing trends and visual styles, and discussing concepts, technology, and visual storytelling. The relationships among the director, production company, cinematographer, ad agency, and client are explored.

Week 2: Shooting Commercials & Music Videos | Joseph Yacoe & David Martinez

This workshop covers the advanced technical aspects of digital camera systems and delves into the theory and fine art of cinematic storytelling. The class is designed for cinematographers, filmmakers, and video professionals looking to explore the creative potential, and technical options of the latest high-end digital cameras used in Commercials, Music Videos, TV and Feature Film Production, and apply their knowledge to create a portfolio-quality cinematic short piece.

Week 3: Editing Commercials & Music Videos | Daniel Mooney

Guided by a master editor, learn the unique dynamics of editing commercials and music videos. Commercials, branded content, and music videos allow filmmakers and editors to explore different styles of visual storytelling that are often powerful and memorable. They grow from thinking outside the box, requiring that filmmakers discover new ways of interpreting and telling a story. In this week-long workshop, you’ll learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and push your editing skills to a whole new level.