Our stories begin before we were born.

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Our stories begin before we were born. In this workshop, we will use memories as well as passed on family mythologies as a way to invoke and transcribe both experienced and inherited history. We will interpret these memories and mythologies, searching for symbols and threads that take us further into the past, perhaps to periods of war, colonialism, diaspora, unfolding intergenerational traumas and legacies, making connections to the present, in order to pursue the timeless question: how did I get here?

We will read exemplary works of memoir and respond to prompts. We will generate and share drafts and exchange feedback, so that we can help each other with the process of transforming self-discovery into narratives with shape and broad significance.

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Instructor: Elizabeth Miki Brina

Elizabeth Miki Brina is the author of Speak, Okinawa: A Memoir, published by Knopf in February of 2021, and one of NPR's best books of the year. Her work has also appeared in The Sun, River Teeth, Lit Hub, Gulf Coast, and Hyphen Magazine, among others. She lives in New Orleans and teaches writing at the University of New Orleans.