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Summer 2022: Week in Review – August 5

Catlin Adams teaching Directing Actors for the Camera workshop
Image by Luca Siletti
Date: August 11, 2022



After nearly two months of non-stop excitement and energy on campus, we all enjoyed a slightly quieter week here at Maine Media with just three workshops running – though all three were rigorous and intensive in their own right.

Catlin Adams, who coaches some of Hollywood’s leading talent like Darren Aronofsky, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, and Brad Pitt, was teaching a sold out Directing Actors for the Camera workshop. Students worked closely with a team of actors to investigate the nuances of building story and character through acting. Students in Jim Nickelson’s workshop, The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print, developed a workflow for creating fine digital prints, including capture, processing, printing on an inkjet printer, and handling finished prints.

We were also joined by poet Kevin Pilkington, whose workshop Line by Line helped students make close examinations of their work, a methodical approach designed to break through old habits and discover new and vibrant paths forward. Kevin also gave a poetry reading for all of us on campus!

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