Begin to identify your own voice and help your classmates identify theirs.

Jul 19, 2020 - Jul 25, 2020

Levels: All
Workshop Fee: TBD
Class Size: 10

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you’d expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn’t hold with such nonsense.” (Harry Potter)

We are drawn to these lines. We are pulled into the story by the unique voice of the writer. We each have our own voice. You have your own voice, your own rhythm and tonality. You created it over the years informed by the earliest sounds you heard, by your family, your ethnic group, your economic class, your geographic location and where you go to school. You may have a favorite uncle or singer whose voice you imitate. You may not even know you do it.

During this week-long class you will begin to identify your own voice and help your classmates identify theirs. You will also learn to write a scene with the help of an exercise called image/moment.

By the end of the week you will have a first draft of a story, a poem, or an essay.

Each class will begin with a free write or writing to a prompt, or, reading from your work in progress. You may source a photo, a piece of music, overheard dialogue.

To help discover (identify) your voice, I will invite you to listen to your favorite music, to identify the rhythm and tonality and to mimic it in your writing.

Exercises will include work on an Instagram account, taking a picture and writing the story you see in it, identifying a childhood memory and writing it, exploring your inner monsters and your outer angels. Using all kinds of ways to access your voice- to discover who you are.  We will map out characters, create a poster.

This is an inquiry, a search. It’s play with a product in mind.

Each evening I’ll give you pages to read, a bit of homework to do as we move toward our goal.

At the end of the week, we’ll have a reading. You’ll each get to choose something to read, no more than five minutes, a piece you’ve written in the class. We’ll share our work and celebrate.

About the Young Artists Program: Young Artists’ days are comprised of both classroom and field/location work: lectures and critiques, demonstrations, shooting, editing, writing, computer workflow and/or darkroom work, depending on the workshop. All instructors are talented industry professionals as well as experienced educators, and each works with a teaching assistant, providing additional support for their class. The students are busy all day and into the mid-evening hours, attending presentations from visiting master faculty. All Young Artists reside at a nearby residence (a motel-style building, with four students to a room, gender specific, and private bath) located 3/4 of a mile from campus. The property is controlled by Maine Media Workshops and is used exclusively by students, selected staff, and their counselors. Students are shuttled to the main campus each morning for breakfast and to begin their day, and are driven back at the end of the each day, following their last class or other scheduled activity. All meals are taken together. Parents can indicate any special dietary needs upon registration. Counselors supervise the students 24 hours a day, and help make group decisions about weekend activities like swimming, bowling and hiking. Coin laundry facilities are available on campus. A lobster dinner is served (there are other choices) on the last Friday night of each workshop, and all Workshops students gather for an evening presentation of highlights from the week’s work. Parents are welcome to attend and meal tickets may be purchased in the Registration Office.

We recommend students have access to $150 over the two-week period for incidentals, snacks, movies, field trips etc.

Check-in is on Sunday, between 3 and 6 and departure is on Saturday morning.

Tuition Note: includes room and board

Students may request a transcript be sent to their high school for possible credit.

Header Image:  Jacques Pellet (Young Artist, 2015)

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Instructor: Kathrin Seitz

Kathrin Seitz is a writer, editor, producer and professional coach who spent thirty years as a creative executive in the publishing, television, film, animation and toy industries in Los Angeles and New York City. As a coach, she works with private clients around the country and conduct Method Writing Workshops in Midcoast Maine, New York City, and Florida. Her writings have been published in Evergreen ReviewLear's MagazineOnthebusMethod Mad (a magazine she created with her students), The Herald Gazette, and Maine Home+Design. She received her MFA in Fiction at Spalding University (Class of 2015).