Three Great Poets, One Amazing Week of Workshops, Seminars, and Readings on the Coast of Maine

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Nestled in the midcoast harbor village of Rockport, Maine, the Maine Media campus welcomes visual artists and storytellers in all forms of media arts:  photography, filmmaking, book arts, and writing. This June is the inaugural year of a week dedicated to poets who will find themselves among visual storytellers and a plethora of other poets in pursuit of the creative expression of their voice, their stories.

Join us for a week of morning workshops, afternoon craft seminars, and evening readings.


Upon registering you will be asked to select your top 3 choices for Workshops. Book your seat early to ensure a space in your preferred class!

Workshops Happening During the Week:

"The Photographic Poem" with Richard Blanco

Whether candid snapshots, cell phone images, or formal portraits, photographs are replete with conscious and unconscious stories to mine. In the interdisciplinary spirit of Maine Media Workshops and College, we will use photographs as ekphrastic prompts to write poems that explore our emotional responses to those rich stories. We will then take photographs of our own as an exercise to explore by analogy how our poetic eye, like the eye of a camera, focuses and frames our experiences to render stories; we will then “redevelop” these photos into poems. All poems will be shared in dynamic and interactive workshop sessions as we continue to investigate the relationships between imagery, imagination, and story. In addition, through interactive lectures, exercises, and readings of various illustrative poems, we will dive deeper into some of the core techniques of poetry, namely: sensory details, modulations of the poetic line, figurative language, and linguistic musicality.

"Hybrid Beast" with Tina Chang

The word hybrid comes from the Latin hybrida which means mongrel, a creature of mixed breed. The tradition of poetry is widening, drawing from many genres, blending and fusing to create contemporary cross-pollinated forms. In this class we will explore the many ways in which poetry is increasingly a hybrid beast, as innovative and exciting projects are envisioned across genres. We will discuss the process by which poets collaborate with visual artists, filmmakers, choreographers, and we will write and experiment in the following poetic forms: erasure, cento, pecha kucha, zuihitsu, collage. We will study the work of Matthea Harvey, Mary Ruefle, Terrance Hayes, Kimiko Hahn, Evie Shockley, Tom Phillips, Anne Carson to examine how their imaginations interpret the hybrid beast. You will be asked to be fearless in your poetic experiments, combining tradition and invention, reality and myth, drawing upon tension and complete freedom.

"Poetry as Bewilderment" with Nick Flynn

Frost would sometimes say at his readings that “poems are about what you don’t mean, as well as what you do mean.” In our week together you’ll examine this idea by thinking about the concept of “bewilderment” and how it gets acted out in your poems- either through syntax, accessing the duende, leaps into the unconscious, or simply circling around what is unsaid, unknown, unrealized. Or, as Aristotle puts it, “The mind in the act of making a mistake. . .” You’ll look for those moments where you begin to stutter and stumble when talking about our poems, or in the poems themselves, for these are the thresholds beyond which is unknown, beyond which is the white space on the map. Over the course of our week together you’ll push a little deeper into this shadow world.