Raise the quality of your photos from snapshots to wonderful, creative travel images.

Jun 14, 2020 - Jun 20, 2020

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1295
Class Size: 12 (max)

What is the best camera??? The one you have with you! Although DSLR cameras are powerful creative tools, your iPhone is a constant companion with its “always ready” camera to help you express yourself and capture the world in creative ways. 

This workshop will have you using your iPhone to create great portraits, beautiful landscapes, and raise the quality level from snapshots to wonderful, creative travel images.

Rick provides techniques for maximizing the iPhone camera features, developing your eye for composition and light, and how to process your images to take them from “meh” to magnificent. You will begin to develop your own style and creative voice. 

Daily field trips to practice what we’ve learned give plenty of “hands-on” experience. Lighten your hearts and take your iPhone photography further than you imagined possible. 

During the course of this 5-day adventure, Rick Allred will guide you to discover how YOU see the world in a unique way. 

Rick creates a fun atmosphere for learning the technical side of the iPhone and combine it with light-hearted expression. By the workshop’s end, you be confidently using your iPhone to capture images and express your world in new ways! 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs 

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Working knowledge of on your iPhone and updated software for your phone. 


Monday: learning the features of the iPhone camera – controlling exposure, contrast, etc. Assignment: Self-portraits; 

Tuesday: Colors, composition and cropping; watching your surroundings. Assignment: Field trip; Photographing in the field and on travel. 

Wednesday: Controlling light – harsh/soft, color of light, working with people portraits Assignment: Field trip; Portraits 

Thursday: using apps to process and enhance imagery. Assignment: Field trip; Photograph, enhance 

Friday: Creativity and special apps. Assignment: Pulling it all together in a familiar place. 

Image Credit: Rick Allred

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Instructor: Rick Allred

Rick Allred is a visual artist based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico who celebrates the generosity of the human spirit and empowers people to pursue their passions. His own practice is sharing the visual beauty he finds in the world and creating installations to engage viewers to connect and respond. Rick served as the head of the photography department at the Hui No’Eau Visual Art Center in Maui, is an photo educator in Santa Fe, has led photography workshops at a dude ranch, and has guided people to find their visual voice. Rick is a patient and generous instructor who shares the ease of technology and encourages breaking through creative boundaries.