Join Kate Beck on a transformative artistic journey to expose new ways of seeing and representing our world through the lens of photography, painting, and digital rendering.

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Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.
Class meets Mondays & Wednesdays, Apr 15, 17, 22 & 24 from 1-3pm ET.  

Landscape is a naturally pluralistic concept presenting a broad scope of approaches to and perspectives of the context of place within the global arena of immersive fine art today. 

In The Cosmic Landscape, we will explore landscape as a means of expressing our contemporary world via realism, metaphor, and abstraction through fresh areas of interdisciplinary practice, exposing and cultivating our imaginative capacities as artists within a rigorous investigation of photography, painting, spatial form and design, and digital rendering.

Cosmic Landscape - by Kate Beck
By Kate Beck

Using photographic snapshots, we will explore visceral forms of seeing and being seen, focusing on the importance of critical photographic documentation, the significance of representation through photography, and the power of imbued dualism through contextualized materiality in our works. We will experiment with such dichotomies as absence/presence, nature/culture, reality/abstraction, interiors/exteriors, time/space, and the resonance of memory.

Kate Beck, Lisboa 2015
Kate Beck, Lisboa 2015
Janice Weingrod, Untitled. Over-Painted Photograph, 2021
Janice Weingrod, Untitled. Over-Painted Photograph, 2021

Be prepared with:

  • multiple printed snapshots (at least 4 to begin)
  • sharable, digital archive of available photographs to add to and work from 
  • Liquitex matt medium (sm), Golden gesso (sm), inexpensive watercolor brushes

This collaborative workshop is offered via ZOOM for four, two-hour group sessions, as well as individual crits with the instructor outside of class time.

  • Dialogue is essential and expected!
  • Anticipate critiquing works formally in terms of the basic elements of art. Unfamiliar? Get familiar.
  • Anticipate engaging in critical cultural issues, art, and contemporary artists.
  • Anticipate continuous digital photograph assignments outside of class.
  • Anticipate working from a shared screen, presenting your work digitally in a format gaged for as excellent detailed sharing as possible.
Heather Walsh, Thought Bubbles, Over-Painted and Layered Photograph, 2021
Heather Walsh, Thought Bubbles, Over-Painted and Layered Photograph, 2021

Optional Reading List:

  • Erling Kagge’s, Walking: One Step at a Time
  • Gaston Bachelard’s, The Poetics of Space
  • Mike Kelly’s psychogeography essays

Who is this class for?

This is a professional class intended for painters, photographers, photojournalists, lens-based artists, and filmmakers of all experience levels. PLEASE JOIN US!

Steve Harp, Untitled. Over-painted Photograph, 2021
Steve Harp, Untitled. Over-painted Photograph, 2021

Banner image: Kate Beck, Italia. Digital C-print, Oil Paint, Technical Embellishment. 2021

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Instructor: Kate Beck

Katherine Beck is an American painter and writer. A constant investigation into light and space has been my aesthetic experience with visual art. My works materialize through formalistic criteria of organized scale, color, and spontaneous brushwork, engaging historical techniques of oil painting within conditions of 20th-century American abstraction. I am influenced by traditions in landscape painting, particularly the Hudson River School, as well as the nuance of color and perspective developed in late 14th-17th century Flemish, Netherlandish, and northern Italian painting.

Recent fascinations include experimentation with lens-based image in the landscape, including conceptualization by overpainting, presenting fresh opportunities for feeling and illusionistic space, and furthering the obscurity of realism, and the nature of abstraction.

Kate has been collaborating, creating, and exhibiting her work within the United and States and Europe for over twenty years. She is a recipient of professional grants from the Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Art Covid 19 Artist Relief Fund in New York. She is a BAU Institute Fellow (New York, Italy, France), and has collaborated with poet laureate, Thomas A Clark, Scotland; Berg, Jones, & Sarvis (performance), USA; Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst, Germany; The Newlyn Gallery & Exchange, UK; parisCONCRET, France; and Peter Foolen Editions, The Netherlands; and in New York with September Gallery; MinusSpace; Masters & Pelavin; OK Harris Fine Art; The Drawing Center; and Kentler International Drawing Space, among others.