Join Susan Burnstine for a transformative experience exploring the intersection of photography and abstraction, engaging in practical exercises to refine your craft and discover new dimensions of expression.

Aug 19, 2024 - Aug 23, 2024

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1695
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 10

Viewing the world indirectly offers photographers an opportunity to express ideas and emotions in ways that extend beyond the usual representations of a subject. Whether our inspiration takes root in majestic landscapes or microscopic organisms, the possibilities are endless when we examine the world from uncommon perspectives.

Last light abiqui - Susan Burnstine
Last light abiqui – Susan Burnstine.
In the midst - Susan Burnstine
In the midst – Susan Burnstine.

Guided by Susan Burnstine, this workshop gives participants the skills to identify key abstract elements and tools to create compositions that bear little or no resemblance to the subject at hand. As we explore how metaphor relates to non-figurative images, we effectively uncover the best approaches for realizing our personal visions, delving into techniques such as selective focus, defocus, multiple exposure, reflection, intentional camera movement, light and shadow, and context. We will discover innovative ways to reimagine the world around us through presentations, group critiques, guest artist talks, portfolio reviews, and daily assignments at scenic locations in and around the inspirational surroundings of central Maine.

Penobscott bay bridge - Susan Burnstine
Penobscott bay bridge – Susan Burnstine.
Breakwater - Susan Burnstine
Breakwater – Susan Burnstine.

Over the course of our five days together, you will gain the tools that will allow you to feel confident creating abstract images that reach beyond conventional graphic form to achieve distinctive poetic representation.

All images copyright Susan Burnstine.

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Instructor: Susan Burnstine

Susan Burnstine is an award-winning professional fine art and commercial photographer who builds homemade cameras and lenses using plastic, vintage camera parts, and random household objects. Susan is represented in galleries across the globe and widely published throughout the world. She frequently curates and serves on juries for exhibitions and has written for several photography magazines, including a monthly column for Black & White Photography (UK). Susan’s first monograph, Within Shadows, earned the Gold Award for PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris (Px3) in the Professional Fine Art Books category. She was also selected for Photo-Eye's 2011 booklist. Her second monograph, Absence of Being, was published by Damiani Editore in Fall 2016 and has earned much critical praise.