Join Dave to learn and practice new ways of creating compelling travel and street photographs.

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NOTE: This Course will be held in a live, online Format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets July 6th, July 8th, July 13th, July 15th, July 20th, 12-3:30pm ET

©David Julian

Our learning begins with a constructive review of student’s images to help set goals for the week. We gain further inspiration from images Dave has gathered from international photographers. With daily goals and serendipitous light, students explore their home locations or afar to practice skills with themed shooting assignments. Students share their selected favorites via DropBox for class-wide reviews and constructive critique. Throughout the course, discussions focus on tuning into surroundings, setting intentions, approaching people, connecting or not, designing the frame and technical mastery. On-screen demos include travel research, shooting styles, POV, street techniques, decisive timing, and adding modified light for dynamic street portraiture. Students can also experiment with blurred action, backlighting, raking light and optional nighttime street scapes. 

Dave also demonstrates his expert skills in Lightroom and related tools to help students refine their captures and imbue them with a unique look for personal style.

Any digital SLR, Mirrorless or digital Rangefinder camera that has manual exposure ‘M’ mode is ideal for this workshop. A ‘less is more’ gear philosophy is encouraged. Students may process their captures in any software they prefer. Contact Dave directly with any content or technical questions about this workshop.

Daily schedule:
Class time 3 hours online per day 
Meet online: 12pm ET  
End online: 3:30 pm  (includes two health breaks)

Breakdown of the Week

All above images:  ©David Julian

Past student work (clockwise): Yoshi Yamamoto, Mike Conley, Melissa Stiles, Sally Ness, Marilyn Ewing, Phoebe Smolan, Richard Nugent, Kathy Tenga-Gonzalez 


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Instructor: David Julian

Dave is a Seattle-based photographic artist and educator. Between assignments, he is photography faculty at The University of Washington and Seattle Creative Academy. He has led over fifty of workshops in the US and in India, Canada, Alaska, Mexico and annually in Cuba. His publications include Orion, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Islands, PRINT, Outdoor Photographer, B&W and Rangefinder. He has also been guest and host on five photography podcasts including Hit the Streets. He is an official Fujifilm X/GFX CREATOR photographer.