Dave is a Seattle-based photographer and educator. Between assignments, he is photography faculty at The University of Washington and Seattle Creative Academy. He has led over fifty of workshops in the US and in India, Canada, Alaska, Mexico and annually in Cuba. His publications include Nikon World, Outside, Nat Geo Traveler, Islands, After Capture, Outdoor Photographer and Rangefinder. He has also been guest and host on podcasts Hit the Streets and Black Rapid Media. He is an official Fujifilm X CREATOR photographer.

What David’s students have said:

“Working with David was a joyful and inspiring experience!” – Amanda Sheehan, Sacramento, CA

“The best part was that David (the instructor) encouraged us to ‘play’ with both photographing & developing. This allowed me to take risks and see differently” – Frencesca Galluccio-Steele, Portland, ME

“David is a great teacher. He’s patient and works with the needs of each individual student while inspiring the whole class to go beyond their expectations.”

“It was such a treat to spend the week being with everyone and in the world of David Julian. I had a blast.”