For photographers seeking to embrace a sense of wonder in creating their work.

Date: Sep 30 – Oct 6, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $1150
Class Size:14

Find new avenues for creative expression as you explore the mysteries of the natural world. Through a combination of lectures, image and portfolio reviews, demonstrations, discussions, and photographing as a group in the field, you’ll learn how to better appreciate the wonder in the natural landscape all around you, and to learn tips and techniques necessary to capture it in your photographs.

Ranging from sea to mountain to lake and to forest, you’ll get to explore intimate details of the landscape and learn how to capture natural processes such as tides and winds. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph the night sky (even experimenting with hooking your camera to a telescope) to explore the cosmos and, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ll be able to capture smaller aspects of nature with macro lenses and a microscope.

Discovery and experimentation are at the heart of this workshop.  You’ll find joy in discovering the Maine landscape in new and creatively exciting ways.

Participants may work in any medium and in color or black & white.

All image credit © Jim Nickelson

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Instructor: Jim Nickelson

Jim Nickelson is a photographer whose work inquires into the ways that we as a species grapple with the unknown and our relationship to the Universe, particularly as those inquiries delve into the realms of science and the cosmos. This inquiry is the underpinning for all of his photography, whether it is based on how we seek to explain our role in the Universe via story or myth, how we seek out natural rhythms and cycles, how we seek to impose order on what we experience, or how we seek to understand the workings of the Universe itself.